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classical dance school in Paris

Dance shoes are essential for practicing classical and modern jazz dance. Very technical, they are chosen according to the shape of your feet and your level. These ballet slippers are worn snug for better foot work and aesthetic appeal. This is the reason why you will find different widths on certain models. Pointe or ballerina for beginners is worn after a few years of dancing. It is a job that requires particular attention to the choice of slipper. Mademoiselle Danse has therefore selected pointe shoes for beginners or more advanced. You will have  among our different brands specificities for each ballet shoe. In this selection you will also find  salsa shoes but also dance sneakers or modern jazz slippers. For Latin dances and  Salsa dance shoes come in different height heels depending on individual needs. Jazz slippers will be made of leather or canvas. Questions? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information !

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