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classical dance school in Paris

Pointe work is a ballet technique in which the performer positions themselves by pointing their foot into the slipper. This is made possible by the use of special shoes whose flattened end is stiffened by a shell (which ballerinas call the "  box  ”) currently made of composite material. The ballerina supports the arch of her foot placed on the edge of the rigid part of the slipper and keeps it in this position. It gives the impression of carrying the weight of the body on the tip of the foot while it is supported on the arch of the foot.

Ballerinas must have ankle and foot muscle strength and sufficient technique before working on pointe. The acquisition of this technique can take between six months and three years or more. It is also important for young beginners not to approach this ballet technique before the age of ten years because it depends on the growth of the foot (adult dancers who have just started cannot do pointe right away because it is necessary to have acquired a certain muscular preparation before) Indeed, before this age, the bones of the feet did not reach the end of their growth. They are, moreover, insufficiently calcified and can be seriously damaged by work on the tips. The resulting deformations are permanent regardless of the strength and skill of the dancer. Finally, the latter must have extremely strong ankles.

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