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Hip-Hop lessons on Wednesdays at 1 p.m. for teenagers aged 10 to 14 

from Wednesday 14 September 2022

with Chiara Foresto

Of Italian origin, Chiara led an artistic career in Italy in the field of dance where she was able to work with many artists such as Marisa Ragazzo and Omid Ighani, with whom she completed a three-year professional training at the MC Hip-Hop School in Rome. At the end of this course Chiara was able to obtain a teaching diploma in order to be able to transmit the different disciplines that revolve around the culture of Hip-Hop: Hype, New Style, Video Dance (better known in France as Street Jazz ), THE Style. She was also able to enrich her skills thanks to the various courses given by Dominique Lesdema in the field of Jazz-Rock and House Dance.


  During this same period Chiara joined the dance company Clasa99 with which she was able to participate in the Festival International de la Danse Encore (in Quebec) in 2014.

  During her artistic career in Italy, she was able to train people of all ages by getting involved in end-of-year shows organized by dance schools. Rigorous and responsible, Chiara invested herself completely in order to best fulfill the various functions entrusted to her. This devotion allowed him to accompany his students in various dance competitions in Italy.

  During the summer of 2015 Chiara came to settle in Paris to exclusively develop her artistic career in dance: for this reason she continued to train at Studio Heart Point with Dominique Lesdema, who integrated it into his artistic project "Fusion". Thanks to this group of artists, she was able to dance in different events in Paris and Ile de France and expand her artistic network.

  Following this experience, Chiara turned to Hip Hop and Afro Beat dance, which allowed her to recently join three different dance companies: Joyson's Infinity  company, a pioneers of the Serial Stepperz collective, the “We_r_fleva” company directed by the Flow Dance Academy and finally the “Whocan” company choreographed by Boun and Dante.

All these experiences have enabled him to develop a precise and effective method of teaching. It is important for Chiara to transmit technical and theoretical knowledge to her students. Hip-Hop/Street dance culture is very varied and she is convinced that it is essential to give students the necessary tools to understand this culture through the body. Students will be able to distinguish between the different techniques of this discipline and will thus be able to develop their own sensitivity towards the different cultural currents of Street dance.

Serious, autonomous and methodical, she is ready to meet many challenges through rigorous and continuous personal investment.

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