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Stage de danse orientale avec Beata & Horacio Cifuentes en 2002

BEATA CIFUENTES started dancing at the young age of 6 years. After realising that something was missing in her life she dropped her studies in Medicine and enrolled in a School for theatrical dance in Berlin. She opened her studio for Oriental Dance, the first one of its kind in Berlin. She has performed and taught throughout Germany, Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Monaco, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and the UK), Morocco, Egypt, the Emirates, Kenya, Japan, Canada and the US.

HORACIO CIFUENTES was born in Colombia and grew up there and in Spain, Poland and the US. He began to dance at the age 5. As a soloist he danced 8 years in San Francisco Ballet in more than 40 classical and modern ballets. He discovered oriental dance and quickly got very successful (see list of countries above!).

Beata & Horacio met and got married in San Francisco. As they joined their private and professional lifes they created the concept of the Oriental-Fantasy-Shows, a unique full evening theatre show. This concept of taking the oriental dance from the night club to a theatrical level with backdrops, especially commissioned music productions (made in Egypt), splendid luxurious costumes and tours all over the world is a novelty and the two play a trendsetting role for many dancers.



Ever since Beata and Horacio founded Oriental Fantasy, an entire new production is created every other year. The gorgeous music is created, composed and recorded in Cairo in coalition with famous Egyptian composers and top musicians. The dressmakers of Cairo are busy for months creating the elaborate costumes, all handmade and embroiderd in oriental tradition. Beata and Horacio are presenting their program with bursting enthusiasm. A show fitted out in such a magical way that the audience is transported and their fantasies nourished with everything from exotic power right through to Egyptian Folklore. They have transformed oriental dance into an impressive theatrical art form.

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