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Naima Akef (1939-1966) legend  oriental dance


Naima Akef was born in Tanta in 1939 and began her career at a very young age in the family circus  AKEF in many circus art acrobatic numbers. She quickly became its most talented performer.

  She was discovered and launched into the cinema by Hussein Fawzy with whom she made about fifteen films and who became her husband. Naima becomes the most famous dancer actress of Egyptian cinema of her time.

She joins one of the first professional folk dance troupe "Lail Ya Ayn Group"

In 1957 she won the Moscow folk dance competition.

In 1964 she stopped her acting career to stay with her second husband Salah Abdel Aleem.


His best film is  "Ya Tamr Henna"   (Fleur de Henna) filmed by her husband where she plays the role of a young Ghawazi dancer    

Naima Akef's performances were always graceful, she knew how to sing, dance and  play comedy. The great "Nagoua Fouad" says she is her source of inspiration.

Naima Akef  died of cancer at the age of 27.

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