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Amana danseuse orientale

Computer engineer, she decides after 15 years spent in computer engineering  to return to her first love and trained in oriental dance first in Paris then in Egypt, the cradle of oriental dance.


Mahmoud Reda , choreographer of the Reda Troup in Egypt teaches him rigor,  the diversity of dance sequences from the different provinces of Egypt. Raqia Hassan will give him a taste for oriental cabaret dance with this work on the body which requires so much effort and concentration.

After intensive training in Egypt with these two great masters of oriental dance, she created her dance school "  El Ghawazi  in 1998 in Montparnasse.

She met in 1999 in Berlin the dancers and teachers Beata & Horacio Cifuentes whom she invited to come and work in Paris in 2001 and 2002. She invited Mahmoud Reda in October 2003.

Since 1998, Amana has given its students the opportunity to take 4 levels of Bellydance classes throughout the week. Every month she organizes an oriental dance course around different themes such as  : baladi, raqs-sharki, sagattes, veils, solo percussion, canes, saidi and a student show takes place at the end of June in a Parisian theatre.

For 4 years she has been studying rhythm with Hassan Abdel Khalek, percussionist of the greatest Egyptian oriental dancers like Fifi Abdou.

In 2004 she created the Amana' Studio dance center in Montparnasse Denfert-Rochereau.

A large room of 160 m2 regularly hosts the greatest oriental dance choreographers including Momo Kadous , Diana Tarkhan from Cairo, Jillina, Rachel Brice, Ansuya, Amar Gamal and Sharon Kihara from the American Bellydance Superstars troupe, Martine Werotte from Montreal and Suhaila Salimpour of San Francisco for workshops followed by shows.

  Her love of dance in general and classical dance in particular led her in 2004 to get closer to dance teachers whose  background and human qualities made her aware and finally persuaded her to open the center to  classical dance classes, floor barre, modern-jazz and   contemporary.  

Today this center has become  a dance school for amateurs and future professionals whose reputation grows every year;  two children registered at Amana Studio having integrated since its creation the prestigious school of the Paris Opera.

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