Stage de danse orientale avec Mahmoud Reda  (2004)

                                                                  Mahmoud Reda et Farida Fahmy

Mahmoud Reda graduated from the Faculty of Commerce at Cairo University in1954. He was raised in an Egyptian family that encouraged the pursuit of both sport activities and artistic endeavors. During his years at university, he competed in the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki, and received the gold medal in free exercises in The Pan Arab Sports Championship in 1950 His sport activities were accompanied by an increasing love for dance. He realized that Egypt had a rich wealth of cultural heritage that needed to be presented on stage in a dance form.

Mahmoud Reda is the pioneer of theatre dance in Egypt. In 1959 he founded the world renowned Reda Troupe. By the mid 60s the troupe had over 150 members including, dancers, musicians, and technicians. As the soloist, choreographer, and artistic director, he was instrumental in creating a legitimate theatrical dance genre that embraced many styles. He has choreographed more than 300 dances, supervising all aspects of their presentation on stage. He has also choreographed dances for many Egyptian feature films, and has stared in three musicals directed by his late brother Ali Reda, two of which are major productions and are regarded as mile stones in the history of Egyptian cinema.


 Together with the troupe he has traveled to more than 60 countries, performing in prestigious theaters such as the Royal Albert Hall in London, The Olympia in Paris, Carnegie Hall in New York and Stanislavky in Moscow. He has presented numerous command performances, and has received prizes and awards in international folk dance festivals.


Mahmoud Reda was decorated by President Nasser in 1967 with the order of Arts and Sciences for services rendered to the state, in 1965 by King Hussien of Jordan with The Star of Jordan and in1973 by President Bourguiba of Tunisia


Mahmoud Reda has also choreographed dances for many Egyptian feature films, and has stared in three musicals directed by his late brother Ali Reda, two of which are major productions and are regarded as mile stones in the history of Egyptian cinema.


Mahmoud Reda is a prime mover. Prior to the founding of The Reda Troupe, there were no professional theater dancers in Egypt. He devised a method that gave structure and form to teaching dance, as well as enhance the skills and heighten the artistic level of his dancers. This method has influenced generations of Egyptian teachers both at home and abroad.


Since the late 1980, he has traveled extensively, giving lectures and workshops throughout Europe, the Far East, the United State and South America. Mahmoud Reda is truly worthy of the title the Godfather of dance in Egypt.



                                                                             Farida Fahmy



The legendry Farida Fahmy was a co-founder and the first dancer of The Reda Troupe for 25 years. She played a major role in elevating dance into a fine art. Her unique style, grace and elegance inspired generations of dancers and won her the admiration of her audiences in Egypt and abroad. Her dedication, hard work, discipline and commitment to the troupe made her a role model that was emulated by generations of dancers


Together with Mahmoud Reda and the troupe, she traveled extensively, performing in over 60 countries and participated in international dance festivals where the troupe has won various prizes and awards. She has danced for heads of states in numerous command performances both in Egypt and abroad.


In 1967 she was decorated by President Gamal Abdel Nasser with the Order of Arts and Science for services rendered to the state, in 1956 by King Hussien of Jordan with the Star of Jordan, and in 1973 by President Bourguiba of Tunisia. She stared in a number of Egyptian films, as well as in two major musicals directed by her late husband Ali Reda, starring Mahmoud Reda and The Reda Troup.


Farida continued to pursue her education while she performed in The Reda Troupe. She received her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Cairo University in 1967, and her Master of Arts degree in Dance Ethnology from The University of California at Los Angeles. Her social statue and her artistic career, together with her academic achievements, further enhanced the already growing positive view towards female dancers at the time.


In the year 2000, Farida Fahmy started to give classes and workshops. She has since traveled extensively to Europe, The United States, and South America.

Compte tenu de la couleur claire du tapis de danse, seules les chaussettes de couleur claire et les chaussons de danse de couleur claire et à semelles claires et propres (sans colophane) sont autorisés dans la salle de danse.


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