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La troupe américaine des Bellydance Superstars à Paris


Studio Show avec Ansuya
Stage Ansuya
Ansuya danseuse orientale
Ansuya  stage  en 2006
Amana et Ansuya
Stage Ansuya en 2005

Bellydance Superstar Ansuya is one of the most talented and accomplished performers, choreographers and instructors in the bellydance world today. Her style is unique, blending the best aspects of bellydance with Indian, Spanish and African moves. Energetic, sensual and innovative, Ansuya is a master of improvisation, musical interpretation, emotional expression, original moves and costume design.

Students are captivated by Ansuya's unparalleled skill as an instructor. With 25 years of experience, she remains accessible and fun, having a great time with students while helping them to achieve their best.

Ansuya is a multi award winner and has been seen on television shows, music videos and commercials as both a bellydancer and an actress. She has performed for countless celebrities and her top selling instructional videos are some of the best reviewed on the market. She is a second generation bellydancer with secrets handed down from mother to daughter, adding mystic and legend to her soulful performances and devoted instruction.

Ansuya is originally from a small town called Ojai in California. Nicknamed Shangri-la by Hollywood for being a picturesque valley perfect for filming locations, Ojai has been home to artists such as Beatrice Wood, philosophers such as Krishnamourti and actors such as Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

Ansuya learned to bellydance by the age of four from her American mother, Jenaeni, a renowned bellydancer popular in Los Angeles and New York in the sixties and seventies. A celebrity in her hometown, Ansuya started performing as a little girl in her mother's annual concerts featuring her troupe "Yaleil" which means "the night" in Arabic. She was invited to act in local commercials and was eventually crowned "Miss Teen Ojai 1989".




With a love of tropical weather, the family moved to Hawaii where Ansuya set out to become a model. After several print jobs, she was invited to model in Tokyo, Japan, her first of many trips abroad.

Upon Ansuya's growing success, mama Jenaeni decided it was time to try Hollywood. For eight years, they made Santa Monica their home where Ansuya continued to work as a teacher, performer and also as an actress.

With over one hundred students in the classroom, requests for her seminars across the U.S., and several instructional videos out on the market, Ansuya was in high demand. Catching the eye of fitness leader, Kathy Smith, Ansuya collaborated with her to create the bellydance for fitness video, "Flex Appeal", distributed by Sony.

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