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          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_           _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     INTERNAL RULES


For minors: Be over 15 years old and have parental authorization authorizing them to take adult classes, a certificate or medical questionnaire of no contraindication to the practice of dance dating less than 3 month and this document dated and signed by the parents.


1:  The student (or the legal representative of the minor over the age of 15) declares to have read the internal regulations  and the list of courses offered and displayed at reception on the information panel.  Teachers may change during the year, their names are listed for information only. The dance studio allows the student under certain conditions detailed in the following articles to take lessons in the premises located at 21 rue Froidevaux in Paris 75014.


2:   Health: The student declares in any case to have had his aptitude to practice dance checked beforehand by a doctor and to hold the certificate in this regard. direction established by the doctor so as to be able to produce it at the request of the dance studio.


3:  Insurance: The student declares to have taken out insurance covering all bodily or financial damage that could be linked to the practice of dance. The student acknowledges holding the certificate to this effect established by the insurer so as to be able to produce it at the request of the dance studio. The dance studio can in no way be held responsible or worried in the event of an accident occurring to the student during dance lessons.


4:  Access to the dance hall: Before entering the changing rooms,  the student must register at the reception, he pays his single lessons or hand over their card so that a lesson is deducted from them. If the student follows two consecutive lessons, he presents his card to reception at the start of each lesson or pays for the second lesson before it begins. A personalized magnetic card with a photo ID (which the student brings when registering) is given to the student. If he forgets this card, he must pay the course per unit; in the event of loss or theft, the student pays €10 in cash so that a new magnetic card credited with the number of lessons remaining to be taken is given to him the following week; while waiting for the new card, the student pays for his course individually. The card gives access to all classes except those reserved for children and teenagers.


5:   Financial conditions: The student can buy a single lesson or buy a 12-lesson card whose prices, payment methods and validity are displayed at reception. The cards are nominative, cannot be loaned, sold or exchanged. Cards for 12 lessons will be paid for either by Paypal 24 hours before their use or in cash at reception, the single lesson must be paid for in cash.


Card validity: Cards for 12 lessons are valid for 4 months (school holidays included). The validity date cannot be modified for any reason.


7:   Refund: No refund is given for any reason. In the event of impossibility of giving face-to-face or online lessons for a given period, the dance studio will extend the validity of the student's card for this given period but will not reimburse any lessons._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ Plan to take out cancellation insurance to be reimbursed for the lessons you could not take.


8:   Closure of the center:  The center is closed during the Paris Academy school holidays and on public holidays.


9:   Pandemic:  In the event of a pandemic, if the studio has to close, lessons will be provided online – no refund and no deferment of card validity will take place.


10: Exclusion of the student:  Non-compliance with the rules of procedure or the conditions of registration will result in the immediate and definitive exclusion of the student without any refund.



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Card of 24 lessons valid for 6 months

  • 11: Children cannot attend adult classes, students' children cannot stay in the center while their parents attend classes.

    12: Amana Studio and or the teachers reserve the right to cancel a course (a minimum of 5 students is necessary for the course to be assured) or to modify the schedules due to lack of attendance of a course.

    13: Any course started is due in full.

    14: All food is strictly prohibited within the centre. Smoking is prohibited here.

    15: Any magnetic, video or film recording is prohibited.

    16: The use of sound and video equipment is strictly reserved for teachers and Amana Studio.

    17: Given the light color of the dance floor, only light-colored socks and light-colored ballet shoes with clear, clean soles (without rosin) are allowed in the dance hall. All other shoes, black (or black-soled) ballet slippers and black socks are strictly prohibited.

    18:  Students wearing glasses must tie them with rubber bands.

    19: It is strictly forbidden to hang or lean or hang bags on the bars fixed to the wall of the dance hall.

    20: The bars can be moved in the presence and with the agreement of the teacher with the greatest precaution so as not to break the mirrors or touch the pipes on the ground.

    21: Students will use the changing rooms to change, only handbags are accepted in the dance hall. Shoes must remain at the top of the stairs.

    22: Cell phones must be turned off upon entering the center, the teacher may exclude a student whose cell phone disturbs his lesson, the lesson will not be refunded.

    23: Rollerblades, scooters, bicycles or luggage are prohibited in the dance center, even in the reception hall.

    24: Any student who voluntarily or involuntarily damages the equipment or the premises must pay for the repairs.

    25: Any verbal or physical aggression towards Amana Studio staff, teachers or another student may result in immediate and definitive exclusion from the center without any refund.

    26: Amana Studio reserves the right to refuse entry to the center without having to justify it.

    27: Amana Studio is not responsible in the event of theft, loss or forgetting of class cards, clothing or objects in the center.

    28:  The dates of the closing days can be viewed on the school website

    29: The student must not use the emergency exit in normal times, the fire door must remain closed at all times.

    30: In order for the ventilation to work, the dance hall door must remain closed even in the event of heat.

    31:  In the changing rooms as well as at the reception, a certain discretion will be the rule so as not to disturb the class.

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