Stage de danse orientale avec Diana Tarkhan (2006 et 2008)

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Diana Tarkhan is a world renowned teacher and choreographer of oriental (middle-east) dance, in particular that of an Egyptian style. 

She is a French Algerian that original studied music in France. She began her dancing career almost 20 years ago in Paris where she performed in many famous nightclubs and glamorous private parties. 

She was then invited to dance internationally in Tunisia, Morocco, United Arab Emirates for prestigious hotels such as Hilton, Sheraton and Hyatt. 

Always in search of perfection, she headed to Egypt to be trained by Rayya Hassan. After spending four fascinating years in Egypt where she performed successfully, she realised that she had fallen in love with Egypt and it was here where she decided to settle down. She has now lived there for over 12 years. 

Her immense experience of the Egyptian life, and her exposure to Egyptian culture through the language and its everyday life, plus a real knowledge of Arabic music and different dance forms, gives her the essential assets to now teach dance to those that are passionate of this art. 

Her reputation grows each day thanks to a real talent as professor of the art and choreographer. She also gives workshops throughout the whole world and has trained several professional dancers that have been publicly acclaimed. 

She is an original choreographer who plays on both the melody and the rhythmic elements of the music. She has unquestioned artistic skills that she transmits with happiness and generosity. 

Diana also studies Psychology to enable her to teach using pedagogical theory and so she can understand better the needs of her students. This allows her students to quickly attain the harmony and pleasure of oriental dance, from that point on her students can then flourish…